Bill Payment Reminders!

No one ever likes to forget things, especially important things like making sure your bill is paid on time. Now you don't have to with Online Bill Pay Reminders! The alerts are emailed directly to you. They will remind you when a bill is due, if a bill hasn't been paid by the due date and when a payment has been sent. So, take the pressure off and set up your reminders today. It's easy, here's how:

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Download our How-To PDF
  • 1Get

    1. Sign into your Online Banking Account
    2. Navigate to the Payment Center
  • 2Choose
    a Biller

    1. Select the bill you want to set up
    2. Select the Reminders link
  • 3Set the

    1. Enter a typical due date and amount for the bill
    2. Choose how often you receive the bill
    3. Enter when you want to be reminded
  • 4Save
    and Go

    1. Enter your email address
    2. Choose when to be notified
    3. Click on Send Reminders

Bill Pay Reminders take
the work out of remembering.

Reminders give you peace of mind, so you can focus on what's really important. Now you can get back to life and let Online Bill Pay take the worry out of remembering when your bills are due.




You can set up “Reminders” on billers and have the option to receive email notifications when a bill is due, if a bill has not been paid by the due date, and when a payment has been sent. Click here for a step by step process on how to set up reminders.
Yes, you can choose how many days before the due date you want to receive them, when the bill is received, how much is due, and which e-mail reminders you want (when payment is due, when payment starts processing, and if payment is not paid by the due date).
Click on the “Reminders” button for the payee you want to stop getting reminders for. At the bottom of the new box that appears, choose “Stop Reminders”. You can also change reminders on this page.

Click the reminders button for the payee you want to set up reminders for and click set up reminders. Answer all the questions and choose all the options that fit your needs.