Set it and forget it!
Simplify your life with
automatic payments.

Picture this, it’s family movie night and your favorite movie subscription channel will not play. Ugh, did you forget to pay the bill?

Automatic payments (also known as recurring payments) gives you more control by making it easy to pay bills that have a fixed amount and the same due date every month. Eliminate the worry of missing a payment. You can set it and forget it!

Here’s how fast and easy it is to set up automatic payments.

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Download our How-To PDF
  • 1Get

    1. Sign into your Online Banking Account
    2. Navigate to the Payment Center
  • 2Customize
    your Settings

    1. From the Send Money tab select the bill you want to set up
    2. Click on AutoPay
    3. Then click on Set Up AutoPay
  • 3Set up
    the Details

    1. Choose Pay From account
    2. Enter payment amount
    3. Select first payment date
    4. Choose the frequency and stop dates
  • 4Save
    and Go

    1. Enter your email address for your reminders
    2. Click Start Sending Payments

Check it off,
payment schedules are set!

With timely alerts and reminders that you create, you are now in charge of when and how often your bills are paid. Plus, you can always go back and adjust the settings prior to the payment due date. Ahh, now back to the movie!




If you are receiving an electronic version of your paper statement in your Online Bill Pay account, you can set up an eBill initiated automatic payment. This means Online Bill Pay will automatically pay your electronic bill when it is delivered. Remember, any changes made to an eBill automatic payment will take effect on the next eBill received. Click here for a step-by-step process.

A non-eBill automatic payment (also referred to as a recurring payment) allows you to simply pay a set amount at a set frequency for a set period of time. Click here for a step-by-step process.

From the Payment Center, locate the Company or Person for whom you want to create a change, click on the "AutoPay" link and select "Change AutoPay Options." You may also click on "Stop AutoPay" to cancel the automatic payment.

To cancel automatic payments, also referred to as recurring payments, sign into the Payment Center, select the payee, click on the "AutoPay" link and select "Stop AutoPay."

To cancel a payment, sign into to the Payment Center. On the right side of the screen, you will see Pending Payments, chose a payee, and click on the "Cancel" link. If the cancel link is not showing in the pending payment, the payment may already be in process. Call Online Bill Pay Support at 855-739-0876 for assistance.

Once you start receiving your eBill, you can set up an automatic payment to have your bill paid automatically every month. Automatic payments are automatically scheduled once the bill is received. This means you have the control to change the payment any time until the payment is sent.

To set up an automatic payment, go to Manage My Bills, choose the biller, and select Set up an automatic payment. Once your automatic payment is set up, an auto pay and eBill icon will both appear next to your biller. You can set it and forget it!