Your Bills Delivered to
Your Online Bill Pay
Account: eBills

Did you know you could receive your paper bills electronically, delivered directly to your bill pay account? eBills give you the convenience of no longer waiting to receive bills in the mail or having to sign into your biller's site. eBills are available from hundreds of companies, which give you the convenience of having one place to view and pay your bills. Let’s get started by activating your eBills!

Below are the steps to activate your eBill.

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Download our How-To PDF

    Activate your eBills:

  • 1Get

    1. Sign into your Online Banking Account
    2. Navigate to the Payment Center
    3. Select the bill that shows the option for eBills and click Request eBills
  • 2Make the

    1. Answer the prompted questions
    2. Verify your identity, it depends on the biller

      i. Last 4 of SSN

      ii. Account Number

  • 3Choose
    Delivery Options

    1. Just eBill
    2. Paper and eBill
    3. Do it as a trial
  • 4Add

    1. Agree to the Ts & Cs
    2. Click Add
    3. If other eBills are available, you can set those up, too

Doesn't it feel great to clear
out the clutter?

Start enjoying the convenience of receiving your bills where you pay them! No more paper clutter and you have access to bill history online whenever you want it.




A company offering eBills will appear in the Payment Center with a "Get Bill" icon to the left hand side of the company name. To pay an eBill, click on the icon and follow the on screen instructions to view/pay your eBill.
Billers offering eBills will appear in the Payment Center with a "Get Bill" icon to the left hand side of the Biller name. Click on that icon, and it will ask you to answer a few simple questions, and your request will be sent.
To cancel an eBill, select the company from the list, and choose the option to cancel electronic version of this bill. The eBill will be immediately cancelled and your biller will be notified.

If you pay an eBill through any payment channel outside of the eBill option, you will need to file the current eBill so that the status will read Paid.

To file an e-bill:

  • Access your Online Bill Pay Account
  • Click the Activity tab from the top menu bar
  • Locate the payment that shows the status as Unpaid
  • Click on View Details under the "Action" Section
  • Click File Bill
  • Select how the payment was made, and then click "File Bill"
  • Click "Save Changes"